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The MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION works as follows:

  • SUBSCRIBE: For a monthly subscription you get access to ALL the modules for ALL your employees AND all newly published modules at NO extra charge
  • NO CONTRACTS: There are NO long-term contracts, the monthly subscription runs month-to-month
  • PAYABLE: The monthly subscription is payable in advance
  • FEE: The monthly subscription is R1’495 including VAT for up to 35 employees
  • SPECIAL SUBSCRIPTION DEAL: Get a special subscription deal during the 14-day FREE Trial period and sign up for just R1’195 including VAT per month. Only available during the first 14-days!
  • MORE THAN 1 SITE: Do you have more than 1 service station? Talk to us for a special deal
  • EMPLOYEES: If you have more than 35 employees, just check with us if there is a small additional fee
  • DEBIT ORDER: You can pay by debit order which can be cancelled at any time given 7 days notice
  • DATE: You can set any date on the debit order and it will run on the same date every month, just remember payments are in advance
  • CANCEL: If you wish to cancel, just let us know at least 7 days before the debit order runs so we can cancel it in time
  • LOST DATA: Keep in mind that if you cancel your subscription, your employee details, progress reports and access to modules will expire and be lost
  • ESCALATION: Monthly Subscription fees will escalate annually according to the percentage indicated on the debit order form, or the agreement with the oil company (if relevant)

If you have any questions about payments, feel free to contact Ruan Schoeman (our Managing Director) directly at or call/WhatsApp him on +27 82 782 5087

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