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  1. Just need to confirm. Am i right in saying that all the courses are open to everyone at the Service Station. So the Dealer can also complete the FA courses if they want? And a cleaner can do the FA courses?
    Also, please advise what “colour” squares/courses the different staff should be doing. Like the green is for FA. Which are the correct courses that Kitchen staff/Merchandisers/cleaners/Managers etc should do? Just need to ensure that everyone will be doing the correct courses.
    Many thanks for your assistance.


    1. Hi Desre,
      Yes you are correct:
      – You are able to “multiskill” your employees in different tasks – this fosters broader understanding between different employees in different jobs and provides you with better trained staff overall
      – The Dealer/Managers can and should definitely complete all the modules – unlike other training where the Dealer/Managers typically are not exposed to the training material
      – There are currently courses available for the job titles Forecourt Attendants, Cashiers, Merchandisers, Cleaners, Health & Safety Officer. A Merchandiser needs to complete the merchandiser modules, but is not currently required to do any of the other job titles
      – At this point there are no specific modules for kitchen staff, but we’ve discussed this with TOTAL and they’re in the planning stage
      – All employees, management included, must complete the 10 Top Service modules as well as the 5 Security Awareness bulletins
      – All employees must also complete the SAA Voyager and Dis-Chem modules as any employee may be asked about a loyalty program
      I hope that answers your question?
      We’re working on many new modules, specifically around Health & Safety and these will be available when signed off by TOTAL.
      You’re also welcome to send us your suggestions on which modules you need at your site. We’ll try our best to add them.
      Thank you


    1. Hi Thomas,
      Thank you for your comment. We agree 100%.
      Have you registered yet for the ‘tasklearn’ online training?
      If not, let me know then I can send you some more information
      With gratitude
      Ruan Schoeman


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